Lived down the street from this place for three years and have never stepped foot into it until this past weekend--my biggest regret is not stepping in sooner.

It was a rainy day, so it was a slow night there; about less than 10 people. Because of this, everyone seemed to get the full attention of the staff. They were constantly checking in for any updates and making small talk. The bartenders on duty were some of the nicest folks I've ever met handling drinks and orders. We had some small chitchat about beers and cocktails and that made me and my drinking buddy really comfortable with the place. We got complimentary samples of great drinks on the menu and we also got complimentary food since the kitchen was closing and they were closed the next day--definitely made me happy I went in when I did.

Go to this place when you can. It's small and intimate with great staff that make you want to come back. Definitely passing up on a few other choices in exchange for this gem.


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Hidden gem B-line across for Cal campus. When coming from Shattuck it is obscured by a fence, but don't let that deter you! Watering hole for chill students, loquacious locals, and savvy bartenders who know a good scene when they see it. Cocktails are delicious and range from sweet to delectably spicy. Expect sports screen time and conversation that ranges from pop culture to intellectual. Moreover, Naan, BBQ brisket, and gorgonzola are three of my favorite ingredients, but who knew they could jive well together on a pizza!

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Cute, smaller sized bar located close to the corner of campus. We went here for our team holiday gathering. They have a mix of seating options-couch area towards back, 6-top high tables on the side, and bar seating.

We made it in time for happy hour which was nice for the working crowd (4-7 MWTh). Good mix of snack options, wine, and spirits. Would definitely go back with our team again.

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